Meet the Team

Just like every company, we can only ever be as good as our people. We aim to employ the best in their chosen field: their high calibre makes us confident of delivering on our promise to be a progressive employer that grows in staff the capability & motivation to deliver projects that bring tangible benefits to our clients. You can see some of our faces below:

The management here work hard to create an environment that demonstrates their genuine care for staff wellbeing. It’s motivating to know they want you to be happy and successful.

Sophie Bhamra
HR Assistant

I feel very fortunate working at DF. They see the potential in people and I feel like they’ve invested in me as a person.

Kieron Lawrence
Associate (Project Management Team)

Our team’s like a family; here to create a change to the IT sector, support our clients and successfully complete projects. That’s what gets me up to work every day.

Bally Singh
Associate (Project Management Team)

Working here has given me the wonderful opportunity to work out a proper work/life balance so I can contribute to a great company and not miss out on family life.

Nima Parekh
Company Solicitor

DF give you the responsibility and tools to do your job and trust you to do your best. Hard work is rewarded, respected and celebrated.

Nick Johnstone
Marketing Manager

We have a clear vision to unlock the potential of our employees, so they can enrich their lives while doing something they enjoy.

Shushil Chohan
Chief Operating Officer, ACA

I come to work each day because I believe in DF’s vision and their implementation of a fair, ethical, fun and family friendly company!

Veronica Lindsay
Compliance & Contracts Manager

Working with motivated people like the team at DF makes you up your own game and makes you feel like you always want to give your best.

Gemma Khan
Finance Manager

We continuously strive to make DF a positive influence and that our staff and their actions here make a positive difference in other people's lives.

Lise Thorne
Managing Director/Owner

Being given the responsibility to completely overhaul and implement a new HR system has given me a fantastic challenge and opportunity to make a difference.

Alana Sullivan
HR & Onboarding Manager

DF is the most unique company I’ve worked for so far. Their treatment and development of employees is something I’ve never experienced and it really feels like a close knit community.

Nemita Mistry
Payroll and Accounts Assistant

I love working at DF as the potential to develop my career and personal growth is in my own hands and I’ve been given the tools and support to make the role my own.

Martha Oakley

DF is like a big family, it feels more like coming to work to hang out with friends than a job!

Amy Grigg
Recruitment and Onboarding

Working at DF has given me the growth and challenges that I was expecting and this is enabling me to excel in my career.

Mahaveer Jain
Senior Systems Consultant

Great team, great company. DF work hard to make everyone feel welcome and part of the family, which I do!

Kate Kroplewska
Accounts Assistant

I’ve never worked anywhere that has the work culture of DF, they encourage growth and motivation and it makes a massive difference in a working day.

Alice Chan
Management Accountant

I love the team atmosphere here, it feels like a family and makes doing my job a lot easier when you know everyone has your back.

Sue Chan
Head of Finance